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On Premise, Hosted or Subscription based O365 Microsoft Exchange ?

Microsoft Exchange Server is a complete messaging platform that provides e-mail, scheduling, online forms, and the tools for custom collaboration and messaging-service applications. Users can take advantage of unified logon, using the same password for their Windows account and Microsoft Exchange mailbox. Staff can access their e-mail, calendar and contacts using PDA’s.


Secure Hosted Microsoft Exchange

According to recent studies most companies consider email to be a mission critical application.
Of all of the components that make up a company’s infrastructure, perhaps none makes more sense to outsource than the company’s email solution. Although the reasons behind this choice are mostly financial, businesses find the ability to shift the responsibility of operations as well as the responsibility of complying with various federal regulations more to their benefit.
Even a “simple” Exchange Server deployment is complicated, and with complexity comes cost.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 – Work Better Together!

    • Email & Calendar
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Teamwork Hub

Secure your business data on employees’ personal devices through a series of security policies such as requiring PIN access to view company data like email on personal devices. This reducing the risk of non-employees intentionally or unintentionally accessing your business data.

Track customer interactions and grow relationships with easy-to-use CRM capabilities in Outlook.

OneDrive for Business is a central hub for all your files. Upload, organize, and easily share documents with others both inside and outside of your organization. Documents are private by default, securely allowing you to store all your valuable work files and decide when to share them with others.