Egnyte Cloud File Server

Egnyte Cloud File Server addresses the critical infrastructure needs of businesses – file storage, backup, sharing and collaboration – in one secure, centrally-managed and easy-to-use solution. In combination with its Local Cloud technology, Egnyte enables fast local edit capabilities and offline access to your files.

Egnyte is a business-class online solution that completely eliminates the costs and complexity of purchasing and maintaining traditional file servers, tape backups, FTP and VPN systems. Access files from your PC, Mac or mobile device. You have unprecedented file access control which can be administered from anywhere on the Internet

How it works…

Egnyte’s hybrid cloud storage solution delivers a powerful, yet easy to manage solution regardless of whether you are a small business with a handful of users or an enterprise with several thousand employees and customers.

Egnyte Cloud File Server replaces the need for a physical file server and addresses three of your critical business needs – online file storage, file sharing and computer backup – in one secure, easy-to-use solution. Combined with the local cloud capability, it provides fast local edit capabilities and off-line access to your files. Egnyte eliminates the need to purchase and maintain servers, virtual private networks (VPN) and point-products such as FTP.

  • As a File Server.
  • As an FTP Server.
  • For Sharing Files.
  • For Computer Backup.
  • For Mobile Access.egynte